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Mojitos And Rage

I look at you and smile. That smile was actually a wink.

If only you can read the thoughts in my mind.

If you did, you’d stop what happens next.

It’s true: alcohol brings out the worst in people.

We are on a beach, there’s this mongrel dog yapping away at me.

The rum hits me, and the rage which was just an observer becomes a protagonist.

I get up. Grab the dog by its balls. Swing it around, deaf to its yelps of agony.

I slam it against a wooden chair. ‘I’m sorry’, it says. ‘I didn’t know I caught you at a bad time. I was just looking for some love. You see, violence is all I know. My wife only spreads her paws for me, when I bark and get aggressive.’

So you stare at me, because I nearly killed this dog, and now I’m offering it a mojito.

The dog tells me: ‘Please don’t make me drunk. I know how much you humans fight when you can’t bring money home since you waste it on cigarettes and drink.’

He understood how we function.

You still hate me. You hate me for almost killing a dog.

But what you don’t realize is that we have more in common than you. You who is staring at me in disgust.

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