Creative Writing Horror

Adam Left Prison And He Couldn’t Hear

Storm clouds are brewing, bloody days lie ahead. With that roar in his head, he took up a spanner to fight an honorable fight. It was one bloody fight after another.

One fight too many led to head trauma and CET. There were more gifts awaiting him like dizziness and hearing loss.

After he left jail, they welcomed him back home with his favorite food: bacon and eggs. After all, this is what families do: they try to repair the damage they’ve done for the past and apologize for the future.

Life went on.

All was well.

Until he saw a spanner 5 weeks after he was released from jail. But we’ll get to that soon enough.

4 weeks in after this exodus from that cage of testosterone and aggression, his sister realized that there was something dark that resided in the corners of what was formerly Adam.

But shhhh. Sisters love their brothers and keep their mouths shut. Or buried in their best mate’s groin like she used to when she was young.

That darkness became worse when he lost his hearing altogether. Better my hearing than my sight, Adam thought as the rage built up.

When Dad was yelling for his tool kit to fix his Fiat, the violence in his slaps to the car bonnet, which he saw, sent Adam’s diseased brain into a world of violence that was all too familiar.

Spanner met Adam’s hand. Intention guided the hand towards Dad’s head. Spanner lay buried in brain.

His Mum screamed, pleadingly: Stop! Don’t you hear yourself screaming, Adam?

He couldn’t hear.

If he did, he’d be confused thinking it was someone else’s horror that greeted his ears. And, that’s why he wasn’t missing much.