Creative Writing Horror

Tex’s Last Smile

Not many people saw Tex smiling as he lay in his coffin. It was a surreptitious smile. Almost a silent laugh at those who came to pay their respects.

Tex could afford to smile. I mean he screwed them all up. He lived his life screwing everyone up. And to think the dead don’t laugh. But laugh he will even when hell sets his ass on fire with a tinder spark.

Tex’s ass has sat on gold toilet seats. He has shown his naked bum to all those who got fooled in investing in his Ponzi schemes.

And he smiled, albeit secretly, at his children and wife. They think his name will open the doors of heaven for his wealth through his will.

But there’s no wealth. And no will. He liquidated it all and gave it to all the whores he screwed in the world. At least they made him smile.

None of that money will last. Whores can’t keep their tits behind their bra neither can they keep their legs shut together. Show them a Gucci bag and out comes the cash and the resulting debt.

When you got pancreatic cancer and are dying, there’s no meaning to life. The only meaning is to be nihilist and leave more chaos behind.

Tex’s smile was not kind. It was generous though. Generous with the hate and rancor that powered his heart and now lay congealed in his veins.

Do you know what Tex’s smile really was?

Tex’s smile was one last Fuck You to everyone.