About Me

I’m a writer, blogger and content marketer from Colombo, Sri Lanka.

I’m in love with the written word, and I read and write enthusiastically. I used to be a lifestyle journalist and editor at a lifestyle magazine. Now, I’m fortunate to have my own column called Colombo Confessions.

At one time, I was also heading a communications agency. Just like how people and their interests change throughout their lives, my interests have moved onto the world of technology. I’m interested in privacy, SaaS, WordPress, WordPress plugins and all things tech.

From a general standpoint, I’ve always been interested in fitness, art, smartphones and the intricacies of human nature. As my interests grow, I suspect, so too will the posts on this blog.

This blog was created for a purely selfish reason, and that is to practice my art, which is writing.

I am available for freelance projects, and is where you can find me.